NEW CHARACTER! Im not totally happy with them yet, I think they’re design still lacks a little something but I’m not sure what…so if you have suggestions then hit me up?
another commission! this one was for @skiggityscootdoot !!

Alright, I don’t think I’ll be taking anymore commissions on because I already have at least 5 piling up. I tend to be a relaxed worker and trying to force myself to do these quickly has been stressing me out so

Yeah, commissions are closed til I finish the ones I already have!

finished a commission!! thanks again to everyone who has commissioned me towards helping my boyfriend, your help and support is super rad!!
more stuff for death hunters! i like to draw ponies, my dark secret
we’re doing an all day theme challenge thing in death hunters so i’ll be posting stuff here as i finish it! 
here’s the first one i got done; making an 8tracks playlist for my chara!

Thank you everybody for the commissions so far, I’m just finishing up the first one today, and after that I have 7-8 more to do and my goal right now, which has been successful so far is to try to get 1 done a day, if not a day and a half so that I don’t keep everyone waiting too long!

So thank you everyone again, and thank you for your patience! 


Hello everybody, today I come to you asking to find it in your hearts to possibly commission me but not for me, for my boyfriend. He is currently being kicked out of his current home and forced to move just because he is trans and beginning to transition. We’re only trying to raise around 200 dollars to pay for him to relocate himself to a new house, and you can read more over at his tumblr. He is also going to bet taking commissions himself so you can always commission him directly if you don’t want any of my art.

This being said, ANY AND ALL OF MY COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Including Dangan Ronpa Sprites.

You can find all the info and examples on my commissions over here.

If you don’t mind signal boosting this as well that’d be really rad of you!

tsugidoka's chara and mine
they are anime boys
im just sort of drawing out random things
more static bullshit basically
Anonymous: are ur commissions ur main source of income?

Yeah;; I have a hard time in social situations so its been hard for me to get jobs otherwise at the moment.

Im only 18 and live with my parents ( just going to college this septemeber ) so it isn’t SO terrible that it’s all i have but, eh /shrugs

organiccats: Holy fuckk I used to follow you on scratch and deviantart years ago haha I was looking back on old devart account and totally forgot how much I like your art sorry this is totally creepy aha

!!!! Omg, haha I’m glad you still like it ?? You’re not creepy at all right now haha trust me!