human hamlet has become very important to me

i finally got time to sit down and plug in me tablet
i drew a human hamlet???? its hard to draw  him as a human while keeping the general facial shape and trying to make him look like a 25 year old manchild and not a 12 year old child
whatever ill play with it more
when will i find the time to do some quality digital stuff instead of this???
i drew and inked this the other day in design but i smudged it with my big fat hand CRIEs

need to draw more hayuun we are missing hayuun on this hayuun centric blog

port-pup said: There’s a gaming convention this weekend! It’s free and around SCAD too and it’s called GuildCon! We also have an active furry community here, but being a furry isn’t a requirement. There’s also an established, official furgroup at SCAD as well! <3!

Ooooo, could you maybe message me with more info?? I actually was really excited for the clubs fair but that’s all canceled now;; ( and i’m deff interested in the fur club!! )

actually here&#8217;s something from my design class, just cause i haven&#8217;t posted any art in a while&#8230;.

So I’ve almost gone through my first full week at SCAD.

It’s really hard being as shy as I am to make friends. Heck, i’ve already went and messed up being invited to a potluck ( aka, showing up 40 minutes late with a bunch of food and finding nobody there;;;;; ha;;;;; ) But I hope I can do better to put myself out there and hopefully not scare off any potential friends with my nervousness or anything else like that….

So tomorrow Is going to be spent mostly on homework and maybe a break to go out and have a bite to eat. And like I said earlier uh, if theres anybody attending as well who’d like to meet up just shoot me a message since I desperately need friends —haha…. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Also also—- @last anon, if you’d rather talk on skype about this it might be best!! i don’t want you to feel scared talking to me about this! because I want everyone to know I’m being true to myself and not repeating any mistakes i’ve made in the past. I certainly hope I can clear up any confusions about myself as well!

ALSO!!! @the last anon who messaged me, if you could message me off anon so i can reply to you privately that’d be grrrrrr8 !!


the original dangan rangan fencing twink

another reblog for this blog;;;; i keep forgetting;;;

evan has been sitting here saying

"when do i get paid for drawing the pizza like you do"

he demands 20 bucks for his pizza drawing, oh wait “please please please” he says

my 10 year old cousin Evan drew this slice of pizza with my tablet and he insisted I put it on &#8220;my own website&#8221;

say wha?

sorry i haven&#8217;t posted a lot of my art lately just
i haven&#8217;t done much&#8230;&#8230;bluhblubhbluh
so heres a reblog
NEW CHARACTER! Im not totally happy with them yet, I think they&#8217;re design still lacks a little something but I&#8217;m not sure what&#8230;so if you have suggestions then hit me up?