im thinking of changing my url to match my mainblog but i dunno!? ive had perfectpterodactyl so long it seems weird to change it

iim really stressed out right now and i have to do AP work and ughhhh
sketching things out really quick, i like this one, its going to be for the “puffball” mushroom

ive recently been neglecting to work on my own personal worldbuilding project and i think i need to change that around

I keep getting notifications for messages but then have none? If you’ve recently sent me a message you should maybe try sending it again because im not sure what tumblr is doing but its destroying my messages or something!?!

Anonymous: your arts some of the loveliest ive ever seen!! thank you so much for sharing your work!!

Aaaa;;; Thank you so much anon! Sharing is what I love doing, and sometimes I get the added bonus of sweet compliments which really make my day ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

i don’t know how i feel about this outfit design!?
more character ideas, i cant draw much lately im in a bit of a slump
shes a ping pong player
Anonymous: can i ask what music is in your autoplay?? its really cool..!!

heres a list!

all i can draw is the prince of gay but im ok with that

back from the con, im tired out….

Anonymous: i am too embarrassed to ask but can you please explain the way you get your art to like move especially witht he pixel art i only have SAI and PS ( but terrible at PS) so please please help me if youve already answered please just redirect me to the post

Move? Do you mean make GIFs? Its really simple, I don’t have anything to link you on hand but a quick google of how to make gifs in photoshop will get you what youre looking for if thats what you mean.


im queer and i love nier

sorry ive been out of it everyone, personal matters plus finishing this cosplay have gotten in the way of any of my art stuff, but i’m freed up now and i’ll be back on track soon!

hayop zoomzoom for masho

a good hyoop
sketching out character ideas, i thought this one was cute!!