yyako: Hi I just wanted to say I don't even remember how I found you but I love your art, especially your color choices and the way you shade. Please continue to be awesome just by existing ;w;

aaaa thank you so much (*・◇・*) ;; it really means a lot!! i’ll do my best to keep on being me!


i did a sprite of myself for some ungodly reason ??
maybe i’ll put it on my about me or something

it me
another death-hunters thing;;;;; idk how i feel about how it came out but YE
i forgot to post this yesterday! for a theme challenge in death-hunters ;; !!
a clothing sheet for nini ;;
Anonymous: when do you think the worldbuilding fantasy rp will start up?? it looks really great :D

We’re still working, we’ve had a bit of a lul in activity because i’ve been at my college orientation, but now that im back to direct things we should be on the track to setting it up real soon! So be on the lookout!

Anonymous: ok so first things first I hope this doesn't come across as super creepy, but I've loved your art since you were on scratch which is ages ago I know, also you've been sort of my senpai since then when it comes to art and like everything, I really hope you make MSA into an actual thing because I really love everyone's character designs, Arisu being a personal favorite of mine. Would it be ok if I did fanart and either linked you/submitted it to you or something? Ty :D

AAAAAAAA!! Im really glad to hear that anon, if you ever wanna talk to me off anon or anything just send me a message! It’d be cool to get in touch with some people who remember me from way back then haha ( ´∀`)

and I certainly would like to do something with MSA, whether i make an RPG game or do a little webcomic!

But yeah you are more than free to do that! It would totally make my day tbh!

Anonymous: Hey :) how were the classes at scad? Have you heard anything about the fashion and photo classes? I'm quite nervous about going ( I'm going next week) and sorry I'm asking so many questions :/

We only got to go to one demo foundations class, but it was pretty good! my group did anatomy because we were mostly majors which would involve knowing the human form pretty well. Its all good tho! I was in the same place as you just two days and I got less stressed and nervous as the day went on!

so i just recently returned home from SCAD’s summer swarm and it was a good experience, i met some hella people and i feel a bit more confident.

what i am still worried about though is that i haven’t found someone to have as a roommate….especially because i’m afraid of getting someone who isn’t going to be cool about me having a nonbinary identity [i just wanna be really open and really comfortable;;;]

like, if you are attending and interested in getting to know me better and being roommates, that would be really cool!?

ʅ(´ q ` ” ) ʃ

I’m hyped about the worldbuilding project but it’s probably just me second guessing myself but I worry about my ability to carry it out in the way I want to be able to…..

I dunno… I shouldn’t mope about I suppose

so yeah man we got object head races, flower races, sheep races

a+ worldbuilding

my new chara for the project is basically, if you combined hayuun and leo, and added a lot of sass. thats them.

ah yes, a new character
OH YEAH! So this is our map as it stands, we’re still working out how biomes and ect are gonna work. Theres gonna be a big push for characters to explore and map out more, because this is only the known world, [and were working on a bigger than earth scale planet]